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York University  Toronto, Canada
July 22-28, 2013

WFDF 2013 World Under-23 Ultimate Championships

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Tournament Details

The WFDF 2013 Under 23 World Ultimate Championships, Toronto, ON  July 21-28, 2013. The event will be taking place on the campus of York University which is located in the north end of the city.

The event will feature up to 42 teams in 3 divisions of play; Open, Women’s, & Mixed.

Our Mission is to host an elite event that unites young adult Ultimate players from around the world and provides them with an unforgettable Ultimate experience
that is safe, welcoming, and worry-free. We wish to set the standard for World Championship Ultimate events by organizing an event that is completely athletefocused,
detail oriented, and that fully utilizes our modern technologies.

Your national association will determine how many divisions it wishes to send a team for in 2013. It is our goal to welcome over 40 teams total with a minimum of 10 teams per division!

Parking at York University

Parking at York University

If you are an athlete, team representative, or guest of the U23 Championships and you are planning to have an automobile for the event, you are going to need somewhere to park it!  At York University, all community members and visitors are required to pay for...

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U23 Championships

The WFDF 2013 Under 23 World Ultimate Championships, Toronto, ON  July 21-28, 2013. The event will be taking place on the campus of York University which is located in the north end of the city. We are anticipating up to 40 teams in 3 divisions of play at WU23: Open, Women’s, & Mixed. In...

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York University Campus

York University, founded in 1959, is Canada's third largest university. It's main campus at Keele and Steeles is home to over 50,000 students and the majority of its academic programs. York is known globally for its work with the Canadian Space Program and its Business and Law schools have been placed continuously among...

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Campus Map


We are working with the staff of York University and Toronto Tourism to ensure the best possible accommodation packages available for all players, coaches, family and friends.  While our plan is to be able to accommodate all involved within a short distance of the tournament site.

Once information comes...

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Almost all playing fields are located in the same area, allowing teams an amazing
opportunity to view multiple games while not playing, or affording them the chance to
return to their rooms or enjoy the campus between games. There are 2 -3 satellite fields
which are 500m south of the...

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What is Ultimate?

Ultimate - About The Game

Ultimate is a high-energy sport that combines the best aspects of sport. Ultimate players outrun, outjump, outthrow, outcatch, and outthink their opponents all while showing a healthy respect for the spirit of sportsmanship.

Ultimate is a non-contact field sport played by two teams of seven players each. The...

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We plan to have a complete social calendar for the week of WFDF 2013 Under 23 Ultimate Championships and currently have a team of volunteers working on all the possibilities and options that we can provide to as many different people as possible. We don't expect everyone to...

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